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Rubén Ortiz Torres, a Mexican artist based in LA, participated in Mexico City’s countercultural scene during the 1980s. Mexipunx is a Riso-printed book of Rubén’s photographs of that time. Animated by the aesthetic of the Mexican zines of the 80s—loud, bold, and ephemeral—this edition brings to life a project of youth. These intimate and arresting portraits show how a group of Mexican adolescents and young adults were interpreting what it meant to be punk, queer, underground, and above all, rebellious on all fronts.

Foreword by Mariano Villalobos.

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50pp, Risograph printed, 3-color screenprinted cover, metal rings.
8.5 x 11 in

Taller California | editorial y taller de impresión | press and printing workshop | San Diego-Tijuana