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As involuntary art works, redacted documents visually state the limits between secrecy and public information. With a trenchant sense of irony, Marx and Irani analyze the many “styles” and “hands” of censorship, as revealed by a collection of public records from San Diego. Why are some public records requests denied? Why is some information revealed and other information redacted? What does public information mean for democracy, for trust in government and amongst ourselves? Redacted, a delightfully eclectic and playful combination of personal reflection, critical analysis, practical tips, and interviews, dives into the byzantine world of public records requests, a world of government redactors, lawyers, public officials, corporations, and citizens wrangling over the availability of information.

114pp, Risograph cover, perfect bound
21.5 cm x 15 cm
Taller California | editorial y taller de impresión | press and printing workshop | San Diego-Tijuana